Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Road Report

 Greetings from Gypsum, Colorado! Here are some tidbits from the road back to Kansas:

  • Photos of Rex's hike to Angel's Landing in Zion National Park are now up.
  • We caught some ZZZs last night at a rest area at the junction of Hwy 191 and Interstate I-70, 30 miles north of Moab.
  • We were on the road again today by 6 a.m.
  • Saw a golden eagle not far down the road.
  • Found the Colorado River to be VERY high from at least Fruita to Dotsero, where the interstate follows the big red river. Photos below.
  • The amazing Glenwood Springs bike trail is closed from No Name to Dotsero. We could see that the path is under at least five feet of water in places. I don't know how much higher the river must be to warrant closing the equally amazing I-70 in this area, but it certainly looks like a possibility to my untrained eyes. 


  1. Hope you had a great trip in Zion. WOW, water.... we just went to Page and the Lake Powell's water was very & very low. have a great day.

  2. Glad you went to Lake Powell! I've never been, and I would love to have seen it before and after this year's snow melt reaches the lake. I suspect that all the water Rex and I saw coming down the Colorado will only make a small difference in the lake's levels.

  3. We were at Lake Powell in 2011 and the water was great, we did lots explore things at lake. But this time... it was very sad. If you go to Page, go visit Antelope Canyon. The Lower one is more beautiful than the upper one. It is most beautiful canyon in AZ.

  4. How was your summer, hope you had a great one. We just took our third vacation in Tucson, AZ and we found a park that it is for Bird watch lover. It is Catalina State Park.

    We were there only for few hours because the hot weather. But still we saw so many birds....They also have many wild flowers too (528 of them). Have a great summer