Monday, May 26, 2014

Best for Last?

The Watchman, guarding Pa'rus Trail, Zion Canyon National Park.

As we made our way to Zion, the fifth and our last Utah national park, fellow travelers told us of the canyon’s beauty. You’ll love it, they encouraged. In spite of the positive reviews I’ve been dreading the crowds and the hikes, which are notoriously crowded, too. 

We have now arrived, and we can say that it is indeed stunning. Rex said it reminds him of a desert version of Yosemite Valley. That does not fully capture the place but it is a good comparison. Most to its credit there are birds everywhere in the park, especially along the river and near our campground.

By 9 am this morning we had secured a spot in South Campground.  You can find the place on this map of the canyon area of the park. Close to the river, the visitor’s center, and the shuttle buses, we could not ask for more in a campsite. Then again, perhaps we could ask for a few more trees: It was 96 degrees today, and will be at least that tomorrow and Wednesday. Thankfully, we have a very nifty fan to pull outside air inside the TI; here’s hoping we can cool it down enough to sleep well tonight.

We’re off on another bird walk tomorrow and have several short and moderate-length hikes planned for later in the week. With the town of Springdale literally just outside the park gates, we have all the groceries, beer, and lattes that we could want--way more of the lattes than we would ever want, actually. But with civilization comes phone service and internet, so please call or text if you need us. 

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